»If you aren’t having fun at work, you are not performing at your very best.«

I’m a neuroscientist, keynote speaker, and award-winning author. I was trained at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research an I’m an alumna of McKinsey & Company. I work with executives of Fortune 500 companies around the globe to transform how they think, innovate, and navigate change.

I’m the lead author of the book The Leading Brain: Neuroscience Hacks to Work Smarter, Better, Happier (Random House) which has been translated internationally and received numerous awards. I’m fluent in six languages and have five kids.

My passion is to help people to not only work better, but also lead better and happier lives, using neuroscience.

I serve on the council of Acatech, The German Academy of Technology, which advises the German government regarding new technology, digitalisation, and artificial intelligence.

I'm also a member of the advisory board of NeuroColor, a company that uses neuroscience to understand personality.

    »Friederike has the rare talent to convey a complex, scientific topic with childs-ease and engage and inspire her audience. It is always a pleasure to hear her present her theories and how these can be brought to life in the business world to drive our brains to top performance. It was an honour to have her give a keynote at our GSA Partner Meeting.«

    Julie Linn Teigland, EMEIA Area Manager, EY
    »When I think of all the positive feedback and interested questions from the audience, I realize that when you conveyed your message of team collaboration, you did more than simply engage our senior executives on a personal level, you gave them something that is both inspiring and truly useful. Your words will help us on our road to achieving a cultural change. My heartfelt thanks for your contribution!«

    Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger, former CEO, thyssenkrupp
    »Friederike led a session for senior partners from over 50 countries that was very powerful - insightful and academically grounded yet very digestible and practical. It was a fascinating subject that was beautifully presented.«

    Riaz Shah, Senior partner, EY (Ernst & Young)
    »Friederike is a passionate leadership expert and a great storyteller! She delivered an impressive and engaging talk, which was both captivating and insightful! The talk has proven to be very useful in our ways of understanding team dynamics and increasing the productivity of project groups at trivago.«

    Anitta Krishan, Organizational Development, trivago
    »Friederike has a profound knowledge of neuroscience and its relevance in a management context and is able to convey this in a very vivid way. She is fun, flexible, and inspiring to work with. I’ve very much enjoyed our joint creative experiences.«

    Janin Schwartau, Head of Learning and Transformation, thyssenkrupp
    »It was a‐maz‐ing!«

    »Friederike Fabritius took us on a fascinating journey into the human brain and helped us understand how to use the discoveries of neuroscience in the daily management of ourselves, our teams. and our organizations. Her stage energy, incredible passion and impressive knowledge hypnotized the participants of our conference and led to a completely different view on many issues related to leadership.«

    Harvard Business Review, Poland
    A big thank you for your excellent presentation at our Better Life with Books event last week. Your presentation has been really enlightening, inspiring and relevant to the audience. I truly loved it myself as well. In addition, your presentation skills are really top notch.

    Katariina Tanner, VP Marketing Stora Enso Paper Division
    »Friederike is a fantastic speaker. She explains complicated scientific matters in a strikingly simple fashion. Her keynotes are easy to understand and at the same time enjoyable and fascinating. She provides fun examples and simple rules that are easy to understand and to implement. It is remarkable how much Friederike’s background as a trained neuropsychologist distinguishes her from many other excellent speakers, making her talks both astonishing and convincing. It has been very useful for us to understand that you need to create the perfect mix of joy and stress in order to reach peak performance. I’m sure that any other group would benefit strongly from her input and advice.«

    Dr. Gordon Pipa, Professor and Chair of the Neuroinformatics Department, University of Osnabrueck
    »Friederike’s key note speech was fascinating and very informative. She described in a well-grounded yet enjoyable way how fun, fear, and focus drive peak performance. We received great feedback from our participants.«

    Dr. Adriana Abstein, Head of Talent Identification & Development, Deloitte GmbH
    »Mrs. Fabritius was invited as a keynote speaker to our annual management conference. She focused on creativity, our innovative capacity, and on the power of the organization. For the participants, it was a real eye-opener to examine these corporate subjects from the perspective of behavioral research, neuroscience and psychology. I was impressed by how Mrs. Fabritius was able to take her many years of experience in the field of behavioral research and psychology and apply them so well to a business context.«

    Felix Schwabe, Innovation Management Production, Audi
    »Friederike Fabritius is a brilliant, energetic, conscientious and enormously talented and effective human being, in business and in her personal life. She “can-do” and “will-do.” But she is also an elegant woman, in her manner, her ideas and her kindness. I’m delighted to be working with her and have her as a dear friend.«

    Helen Fisher, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, The Kinsey Institute and bestselling author of Anatomy of Love
    »It was such a pleasure collaborating with Friederike on several workshops devoted to the neuroscience of leadership. She has a remarkable knack for identifying and communicating key findings and principles that can help leaders optimize their effectiveness.«

    Jonathan Schooler, Neuroscientist and Professor at UC Santa Barbara
    »Friederike Fabritius combines neuroscience and leadership in a way that is both highly informative and fun!«

    Scott Barry Kaufman, co-author, Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind
    »Friederike impressed me as a brilliant individual and one of our most promising researchers.«

    Wolf Singer, MD., Ph.D., Director emeritus at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

    For our first fully virtual kick-off meeting, we were looking for a keynote speaker who could help us to support our people to address the challenges of working from home.

    Because in the COVID-19 era, how can you still remain motivated, productive & interactive when almost everyone works from home and hardly anyone has any real contact either with each other or with customers?

    We were looking for someone to address this in a science-backed approach, to achieve maximum impact for our audience. There are, unfortunately, too many standard homework tips such as: "do some knee bends every hour ..."

    It didn’t take long for us to understand that Friederike would be our best choice.

    Friederike has the power of a small tornado without blowing the audience over. It was precisely her combination of strength, humor and warmth that brought such a positive energy to the - digital - audience. With her flamboyant style, she hit the right note with many people. Her explanation of how our brains work together, the combination of neurology and emotions, and what the possible consequences could be were very enlightening. And the way she uses her iPad to illustrate her ideas was an additional bonus for this important meeting. By sharing practical tools with us about how you can still be productive & interactive in a virtual working world, Friederike helped us to accomplish our mission for this kick-off meeting.

    This was also evident from the feedback we received which showed that Friederike scored the highest points in terms of speakers.

    So if you are looking for a guest speaker to give your organization some fresh, science-backed and practical insights into how to deal with productivity and interaction during or after COVID-19, look no further, Friederike is your woman!

    Arno de Ruyter, Delta
    Incredible session, Friederike. Not only a masterclass on human cognition, but also on the power of being present and sharing human energy. You are our renaissance polymath…

    Sophia Davies, PhD, Senior Architect BCG Platinion

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