»If you aren’t having fun at work, you are not performing at your very best.«

Friederike Fabritius is a neuroscientist, keynote speaker, and a bestselling and award-winning author. She works with executives of Fortune 500 companies around the globe to transform how they think, innovate, and navigate change.

Ever since she can remember, Friederike has been curious about the way the brain works and why people behave the way they do. That’s why she chose to become a neuroscientist. But when she left the laboratory to take a job in management consulting, she was shocked to see the way that people in the business world were working. It wasn’t in line with what she knew from neuroscience about how the brain works best. Not even close.

That experience led her on a journey through the neuroscience literature in pursuit of answers to some pressing questions. How can we work better? What are the principles that lead to better learning, improved collaboration, and the highest performance? And how can we make them applicable for busy executives? Ever since then, Friederike has worked with C-level executives from more than 164 countries in creating brain-friendly ways of working. It also led her to write her award-winning book The Leading Brain, which was published by Random House and has been translated internationally.

As a mother of five, Friederike Fabritius wants to create a better future for everyone – at work and in life.

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